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Help When Planning A Funeral

Jean Cabral/ May 16, 2017/ Services

The funeral topic is indeed a deep and wide one and requires meticulous and painstaking research regarding everything involved. Any wrong move or miscalculation could lead to irreparable damage. I am talking about the financial part of everything because it all revolves around money. Finances are also a wide topic and a sensitive one too, so it must be handled with utmost wisdom that one can muster.

Funerals are also a platform in which you can display your level of maturity by knowing when to speak up and when to shut up. What’s more, if you have to talk, make sure you choose your words selectively as they could either make peace with the wounded souls around you or act as a healing balm to those that are deeply hurting.

The insurance aspect during a funeral

calculatorThis is a subject that most people prefer to sweep under the rug in the guise of maintaining peace, love, and unity among the family members. So many questions and doubts linger in the minds of the deceased’s family including; what if he/she did not have insurance in case of untimely death? Or, what if they were insured, but very little is known about the companies that offered the insurance package? Sometimes this plans are expensive but easy to obtain when your loved ones.

The answers is, the funeral home is the one to find out every single detail about the insurance status of the deceased for them to begin the necessary preparations armed with all the information needed. As for how to use the insurance, it is only used for the funeral and nothing else. This means the insurance package will only cover expenses revolving around the funeral.

Probable step of action

With the wound still fresh, there is a host of options for you to choose from in case grief has gotten the best of you and you are not able to face anyone just yet. You can look for an experienced funeral planners online and make arrangements for the funeral. Most of them are civilized and mature enough to understand your reasons for not wanting to meet up with them in person, so don’t worry too much about what they think about your way of doing things.

Now that you have all the backup and support that you need at this critical time take advantage of it and get one or two of your close relatives to meet the funeral planner who will, in turn, offer some ideas that could interest the entire family.flower

The planning process

The planners will need a detailed description of the person who is dead for them to know the funeral theme that would best suit their personality. You will need to scribble down on a writing pad;

  • Where you would like the funeral to take place.
  • Where the memorial will be held.
  • Where the ashes will be spread or where the burial will take place.
  • The dress code for the occasion.
  • Whether the deceased had any last wishes about where and how they would like to be buried, the kind of clothes they would want to wear.