Top rated jogging strollers

Jean Cabral/ November 11, 2017/ Equipment

Are you planning to purchase a new jogging stroller? If yes this article is going to help you in determining the best jogging stroller especially if you are one of the dedicated runners or parents. It has all the crucial information about the different types of strollers. As a buyer, this will help you in choosing the best jogging stroller for your budget and lifestyle. All parents have a responsibility of taking care of their kids.

Having a jogging stroller will make your stay easier and very active. This machine will give you ample time for doing your routine activities and getting fresh air. Some of the factors that you need to consider when purchasing one include ease of use, run-ability, and maneuverability. A jogging stroller that combines these features is highly recommendable.

Modern jogging strollers

Traditional strollers are fine for those individuals who are walking on smooth pavement or around the mall. However, you will need a good jogging stroller if you are planning to jog or run, or transverse dirt roads, bumpy side walks or any other rugged surface. These strollers are well designed with an efficient suspension system to absorb shock or bouncing that might come along with uneven surfaces or more intense speeds. This will play a crucial role in keeping your kids comfortable and safe.

These strollers are also more stable as compared to the traditional ones. In addition to the suspension system, all the modern jogging strollers have the following important accessories, safety tether, five-point harness, locking the front wheel, canopy, and brakes. The following are the best jogging strollers on the market today.

Thule Urban Glide

This stroller has been in existence since 2011. It is made by a Swedish company. The Thule urban stroller is highly recommended due to its top performance, maneuverability, and run-ability. Many people prefer using it because of its smooth ride which is exceptionally balanced.This has made it suitable even for the big children. It is designed with adjustable handles which allow the user to adjust the height. Its hands can also be held comfortably while pushing.

Baby trend expedition

This stroller is most suitable for individuals having a tight budget. It is known for its low weight, maneuverability, and folded size. However, it does not have an adjustable tracking and suspension making it uncomfortable for the professional runners. It is widely used by those parents who jog occasionally. Its handles are also covered by a hard rubber covering that cannot be held comfortably.

Thule Chariot cross 2

This is a special stroller that has gained many awards due to its outdoor versatility. It is also loved by many people due to its improved functionality and features. It is a two-seater bike trailer making it a good option for jogging, strolling, biking and cross-country skiing. Its outdoor versatility has made it one of the ideal options for individuals who love outdoors as well as staying active.

Burley Solstice

This stroller is highly rated for its ease of use, quality, run-ability, and maneuverability. It is designed with effective features that make it easy to use. Additionally, it has a thoughtful design and a well-rounded performance that keeps passengers and parents in mind.