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Be the highlight of a wedding ceremony with a beautiful best man speech

Gary Strong/ September 21, 2017/ Speech


The tradition of a best man speech, alongside a best man toast, is an integral part of any wedding ceremony. Being chosen as the best man is a great honor, and should be treated as such. Sometimes, this sign of courage can prove overwhelming for some people, especially when it comes to delivering beautiful and Unique Best Man Speeches. A best man speech is one of the highlights of every wedding, and it requires a right combination of wit, humor, and emotions. If you have been given this honor, we will try to help you, by giving you some small tips on how to deliver a great and unique speech.

Write on your own

partyThe best man speech consists of toasting the newlyweds, by expressing the emotions and thoughts, in regards to the happy couple, and the ceremony in general. To make it unique and special, you should try to share some anecdotes and fond memories about the groom, and the bride, as well. To be impactful, the speech needs to be personal, and come straight from the heart. The last thing you’ll want to do is copy someone else’s speech. That would offend both the groom and the bride, and leave a stain on the ceremony. The speech should enhance the atmosphere of the wedding, not ruin it.

If you have decided to write a speech entirely on your own, make sure that it sounds sincere and heartfelt. The best way of doing that is to include a good number of memorable and joyous memories and stories, that you have experienced with the groom in the past. These can be either serious in tone, or lighthearted and humorous. However, the best speeches usually strike a perfect balance between seriousness and lightheartedness. Make sure to make the speech your own, that is, you can draw inspiration from other people’s speeches, but you must apply your personal style and touch. Lastly, remember to make your speech appropriate for all ages. Weddings usually include a lot of children. So, avoid any inappropriate details, which are best saved for the bachelor party.

Search the web for great free speeches

If you find this all too complicated, you can always turn to the internet for help. The Web is full of great free best man speeches. There are also paid ones, but, in most cases, they are no better than the majority of free ones. However, to avoid poorly written speeches, or outright plagiarized, you should keep a few things in mind, when scouring the Web.

Look for nothing but unique. Since these are free speeches, there are great chances that you’ll come across a large number of perfect copies, or speeches with very small disparities. Patience is the key here. Finding something unique takes time. Make sure to conduct an extensive and thorough search, when looking for the perfect speech.

host Even if you find an excellent free speech, it will still lack your memories and your personal input. Make sure to slightly alter the speech, by keeping everything that makes it great and unique, and adding a few of your personal stories.

Lastly, if you do find a good speech, but still find it a bit lacking, use it as a template. These speeches are usually very well structured and can serve as guidelines for writing new ones. If you think you can add something that will make it more original and touching, by all means, do so.