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Why pipe smoking is becoming popular again

Jean Cabral/ April 23, 2018/ Lifestyle

Cigarette smoking has lost its popularity. Besides, many public institutions restrict smoking, and for that reason, they have designed a specific smoking zone. Thus, this makes it look like evil in a way. However, this should not worry as you can opt for pipe smoking instead. Listed below are some aspects attributed to a rise in popularity of the latter.

Cheapman using pipe smoking

Affordability is one of the aspects that may contribute to a comeback in pipe smoking. With this, why then should you not consider pipe smoking over traditional cigarette smoking?


Many people are cautious about time like never before. People value time and wish to work within the given period. With this in mind, what could outdo pipe smoking? You only require a few minutes to light a pipe. Also, it is easy and gives you room to load it with the stuff to a puff of your choice. This allows you to smoke for as low as two minutes in a session and a maximum of twenty. On the other hand, cigarette smoking takes a long time to puff. As such, this gives you less freedom to enjoy a puff within the busy schedules.

Perceived to be better than smoking

Today, there are numerous anti-smoking campaigns. Besides, many people perceive smoking as a social ill. Thus, these two aspects greatly contribute to a reduction in the smoking trend. If you do not wish to fall into this category, you can consider pipe smoking. Pipe smoking does not leave you with an unpleasant odor. Besides, it does not restrict you from smoking anywhere and anytime you would wish. Thus, with pipe smoking you the chances of being considered as rebellious are minimal.


pipe smokingMany people are irritated with the smell that comes along with cigarette smoking. Thus, this is not only a problem to smokers but also people around the smoker. This is not the case with pipe smoking. The latter has a pleasant aroma. Also, the smell is different based on time and the place of smoking. Best of it all, there are different varieties of scents to consider when opting for pipe smoking.

Social aspect

There are no strict regulations in regards to pipe smoking. Thus, this gives people an opportunity of coming together and socialize when having a puff. Also, one gets to meet new people during the smoking break, and this too builds on social relations.