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Trampoline on trend: how to choose the right type of trampoline

Jean Cabral/ May 30, 2018/ Equipment

Trampolines provide a significant use to people in different fields; health, education, therapy, and sports. There are a lot of things and activities both adult and children could do over trampolines. Whatever activity would it be, it has to be suited to the user and purpose. So, let us find out the different types of a trampoline before you could decide on buying.

Round Trampoline

It is the most common type of trampoline that you could find in the backyard. It varies in sizes that would suit to your space and purpose. It had a lighter in weight and enhanced with some net for safety. It has a steel frame and spring for the bouncing at the center. It features the circular form that would distribute the force evenly on the surface. It is more affordable than the other type of trampolines. Zupapa overview gives you more information and guidance about the latest round trampoline in the market today.


Spring Free

It is made up of plastic or fiber rods and edge that separate from the jumping surface. It had a UV resistance and made up of durable materials. It has also called flexinet attached to the jumping surface that flexes as the surface bounces.

Square Trampoline

It had a unique placement of springs and made in the criss-cross pattern that gives even spread the force of a jump. It is more suitable for kids.

Trampoline for kids

This type of trampoline provides children a different purpose like fun, play, exercise, therapy and games with a safety consideration. It has padding and enclosures with soft materials intended for children’s safety. Of course, smaller in size and less boun for children.

Rectangular Trampoline

It is a trampoline suitable to limited space at home. But gymnast usually uses it because of the bouncing effect it provides because of the straight line frame places the springs in different directions. Thus, it could result in an unwanted rebound too if you would not be extra careful of your jump. It has a thicker frame that provides more stability and reliable quality.

Rectangular Trampoline

Rebounder Trampoline

It is a type of trampoline that has a smaller size and lighter weight. It has a light rebound that suitable in different exercises in all ages and condition. The surface is good for one person only, not for a high jump purpose.

Olympic Trampoline

It is not the one you would likely see in any of the house backyards for kids and adult exercise because it specially designed for athletes in gymnastic trampoline.

The different types of trampolines vary in size, durability, material, and features that would surely fit on various user and purpose.